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Hi, I’m Nicole

….and I want to help you travel more, for less. Not to brag but I’m pretty good at finding cheap flights. I’ve found literally hundreds of sweet deals for travelers over the years — I like doing this so much I made it my job.

I scour the internet daily to find the best travel deals so that you don’t have to. 

Most deals are at least 40% off normal prices (often more). If it's not a great deal, or it's a flight I wouldn't take myself, I won't send it.

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It depends on the destination but generally speaking, at least $200 above normal pricing, and often much, much more.

We don’t make commission on any bookings, we only exist to help you travel more and spend less! We won’t spam you with endless emails, (and, we are in the process of developing a premium version with more features that will allow you to refine what you get), and we won’t send out bogus deals – for example, 45 hours to Europe – unless  there is a way to make it worth your while; like a free hotel stay, or if it’s a daytime stop and lets you explore another city on the way. Basically, if we wouldn’t take the flight ourselves, then it’s not a deal.

Not at this point. Since we don’t control airline pricing, we are looking for the best deals at any given time, which could be to any destination, anywhere.

You will be able to choose one or more departure cities on the premium version! For the free version, you will get a limited number of deals weekly, from any origin city (may or may not be relevant to you).

Definitely not, and if they are on a budget airline they have to be an extra special bargain and still adhere to the same high standard – i.e. still a significant saving even for a budget airline.

Not at this time. The margin on those is just not as good, so for now we are focused on international deals only.

For the moment yes, but in the future I will be adding New Zealand and a few Southeast Asian countries – most likely Singapore and Thailand to start. But if you have a particular request, I’m all ears – shoot me an email.

No. I’m just here to show you the deals. But I will tell you how you can book for yourself.

Sometimes booking through an OTA is much cheaper, and you can snag a real bargain. I can’t tell you what to do though! Generally, the conditions are a little different with OTAs, so as long as you do your due diligence and see what sort of changes are allowed and what their policy isd regarding rebooking or refunds, you’ll be fine. Also, consider how important the timing of your trip is—as in, would arriving a day later for example be a big deal? Maybe you have a wedding or an event to go to,where your arrival date is non negotiable. I have booked through OTAs many times myself, and I have never had a problem. Problems arise when there are cancellations or you need to change something usually—so weight it up. If it’s only $40 or so more to book directly through the airline and that gives you peace of mind, then do that. I would also recommend reading some reviews on the particular OTA. Do some research if you’re worried, but keep in mind airlines can also be a pain to deal with.

Hi, I’m Nicole

….and I want to help you travel more, for less. Not to brag but I’m pretty good at finding cheap flights! Like: Sydney to LA for $769 return (normally $1300), Melbourne to Milan for $902 return (normally $1500), Sydney to Osaka nonstop for $656 return (normally $1000+), Adelaide to Amsterdam for $857 return (normally $1500) and while those are all great I’ve found literally hundreds of sweet deals for travelers over the years — I like doing this so much I made it my job!

I’ve been to more than 45 countries, many multiple times. I don’t earn a tonne of money, I just prioritise travel and prioritise cheap flights! 

Right now I’m super excited that international travel is a thing again, and like most people, I’m hungry for travel and hungry for bargains. If you are too, sign up to my list 🙂

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